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Elevate your smokeshop experience with cutting-edge technology, merging innovation and convenience to provide customers with a seamless journey through your diverse offerings and services.

Rahim Budhwani

Message From Our CEO

Rahim Budhwani, CEO & Founder of Encore Technologies and Encore Franchises

Built by operators, for operators.

Operate your Business with ease.

Make your logistics experience hassle-free with Encore Technologies. We make your operations easy by handling payroll, pricing, and inventory management, and providing complete business performance reports. You can also manage multiple store locations from a single platform, all accessible from your phone.

Operate from Anywhere

Easily manage your business from anywhere by adjusting prices, keeping inventory up-to-date, and monitoring live sales and transactions.


Easily keep track of all your business operations. Access live reports, adjust prices, and manage inventory from a single platform.

Access Real-Time Data

Easily keep track of your store’s sales with real-time updates, monitor all transactions as they occur, and receive helpful notifications to prevent losses.

Change Prices from Anywhere

Change prices in your business from anywhere.


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